What’s Grace Meridian Hill all about?

Grace Meridian Hill exists for the holistic renewal of our neighborhood—called to love our neighbors, compelled by God’s transforming grace.

We long for Columbia Heights, Mount Pleasant, and Adams Morgan to flourish not only spiritually but also socially, culturally, economically—in every sphere of life. To that end, we are striving to be a community of good neighbors in our words and actions as we ourselves discover, and continually re-discover, how God has been a true neighbor toward us through Jesus. This story of the gospel (“good news”)—that Jesus, out of his own gracious initiative, lived, died, and rose to life to make all things new—empowers everything we are and do as a community. This includes our missional commitment to be a spiritually diverse community, walking with those who have questions and doubts about the Christian faith; a cross-cultural community, building honest, caring, and reciprocal friendships among neighbors of various racial and ethnic backgrounds; and a neighborhood-centered community, loving the people and place immediately around us and serving their needs, those of the poor and disenfranchised in particular.

In short, our aim is not simply to form a church, but rather, through a church, to ignite a local movement of radical neighboring—a movement of people committed to being “in, of, and for our neighborhood.” What could that look like?

in our neighborhood

Being not only physically located here but also emotionally and relationally present as neighbors, devoting our time, energy, talents, finances, hearts, and prayers to this particular context.

of our neighborhood

Belonging to the neighborhood; taking personal ownership of its needs; living and serving with our neighbors as partners; striving to become a reflection of its mix of people.

for our neighborhood

Laboring sacrificially with deeds of compassion and justice for the well-being of all of our neighbors, whether or not they agree with all of our beliefs.

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