Hell is Hateful and Unfair

Can Jesus’ teaching on hell reveal to us the love and fairness of God?

The Bible is Too Unreliable

Is the Bible too unreliable for us to take it’s teaching seriously?

Christianity is Too Exclusive

How does Jesus’ claim to be “the way, the truth, and the life” fit into a pluralistic society like ours?

Renewed City

The vision of the Christian faith is that God made places and sustains, redeems, and renews them completely.


Ever-Present Fears, Ever-Present Fortress

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Fear is all around us. It’s good news to know that God can be an ever-present help because we have ever-present troubles.

Defend the Afflicted: Neighborhood Community

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How can we use the power and influence we’ve been given to lift up the poor and afflicted?

Born in Zion: Cross-Cultural Community

What does it mean to pursue cross-cultural relationships and community in Columbia Heights, Mount Pleasanat, and Adams Morgan?

Praying Through Doubt (Spiritually Diverse Community)

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What does it look like to be a spiritually diverse community in Columbia Heights, Mount Pleasant, and Adams Morgan?

Praying With Trust (Gospel Community)

What is prayer? And how can the gospel enable us to pray boldly?


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How does the grace of God make us into a sharing people who live in a sharing community?