Praying Through Doubt (Spiritually Diverse Community)

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What does it look like to be a spiritually diverse community in Columbia Heights, Mount Pleasant, and Adams Morgan?

Praying With Trust (Gospel Community)

What is prayer? And how can the gospel enable us to pray boldly?


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How does the grace of God make us into a sharing people who live in a sharing community?


What is the meaning of true contentment? Where and how can we find it?

A Community of Peace

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What does the good news of Christ have to do with conflict resolution, joy, sorrow, and worry?

Pressing On Toward the Goal

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What motivates and moves you to wake up and the morning? In Philippians we see Paul’s singular passion and goal to know Christ. How do we have and know more of Jesus?

The Call of Justice

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What do the Proverbs have to say about justice? And how does the gospel shape us into people who love justice?

Christ the Servant

What can the Messianic Psalms teach us about Christ? How can we become more like Jesus?

Garbage and Gain

At the heart of the Christian faith lies this question: where do you place your confidence? We place a lot of our personal confidence in things like our resumes, backgrounds, education, what we’ve achieved and are. How can we find true confidence in Christ?

Servants, Part 2

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Our church endeavors to be “neighborhood-centered,” which of course means loving, caring for, and investing in the community. But it also means loving our neighbors sacrificially. What does this kind of service look like?