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Solidarity requires humility. What we most need to be together and to be one is not commonality, but humility. What we most need for racial reconciliation is not only courage, but humility. What can we learn about humility from the life of Christ?

Standing Firm in Solidarity

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In light of the events in Charleston, South Carolina last week, what does it mean for Christians to stand in solidarity with our brothers and sisters against racism and hate?

To Live is Christ

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What makes you happy and gives you joy in life? What brings you down? Where does your joy come from?

Success Redefined

Dare we thank God for failures? Sometimes frustration and failure lead to greater fruitfulness in the future.

Gospel Partnership

Isn’t it true that we live in a world that is more committed to enabling the perception of our own independence more than ever before? But isn’t it true that we live in a world that is more starved for personal connection than ever before? What can Paul’s ancient letter to the church in Philippi teach us about partnership and community?

For-giving and Giving and Giving

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Forgiveness is perhaps the most basic–and the most challenging–form of generosity. How and why do we forgive?

Money: Grace and Giving Part 1

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Here are six ways to understand the grace of giving generously. 

Hospitality: Making Room for Strangers

Hospitality is a popular thing these days. We are surrounded by messages and images about how to entertain well or how to throw the perfect dinner party. But what is the kind of hospitality that the Bible talks about? What does it mean to make room for outsiders?

Generosity of Heart

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What does it mean to have Generosity of Heart? How can we show generosity with our time, our ears, and our words?

The Absence of Belief

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What does it mean to practice unbelief in the presence of faith? What does it look like to acknowledge faith and trust in God, but to act without faith?