1-15-2017 Let Justice Roll Down

by | 01.17.2017

1) What are your biggest questions related to the topic of social “justice”?

2) In your own words, how does justice relate to Christian spirituality?

1-1-2017 A New Resolution

by | 01.09.2017

1. Take a moment to reflect over this past year, how was God’s grace evident in your life?

2. In what ways do you believe Jesus is directing you to live differently from last year?

1-8-2017 Good News for 2017

by | 01.09.2017

1. Is suffering or difficulty in life bringing you anxiety and worry? How so?

2. Have you brought your anxiety before, God and trusted his care for you in these matters? Why, or why not?

12-18-2016 Advent – A Son is Given – A Priest is Born

1) What’s one thing about Christmas that you’re looking forward to? That you’re NOT looking forward to?
2) In your own words, how does Jesus serve as our “priest”? What might it look like for you to go to Jesus as your priest?

12-11-2016 Advent – A Son is Given – A Prophet is Born

1) What’s one question you have about the meaning of Christmas?
2) In your own words, how does Jesus serve as our “prophet”? How might this perspective shape you in the coming week?

12-4-2016 Advent – A Son is Given – A Mediator is Born

– How does God’s solidarity with you shape you view of solidarity with others in this world?
– How might you serve as a better mediator where God had placed you?
– What could it look like for you to be more prophetic? Priestly? Kingly?

11-27-2016 Advent – A Son is Given – A King is Born

How does Christ’s reign give you hope to make His Kingdom a reality in your heart and in this city?
Our King came to serve, not to be served. How does this encourage you to submit your entire self to Him?

11-20-2016 Matthew – Resurrection Commission

by | 11.21.2016

1) What’s the biggest question or doubt you have about the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead?

2) What is one way you can help “make disciples” of Jesus?

11-13-2016 Matthew – The Cross of Jesus

by | 11.14.2016

Do you find it hard to believe that Jesus died for you on the cross? What type of hope does this bring for you?

Jesus was obedient unto death as he endured the cross. Name 1-2 ways that you can perceive wavering in your obedience to God this week. What are a 1-2 promises that you can rely upon that will help you endure in your faith?

11-06-2016 Matthew – Sheep Among Wolves

by | 11.07.2016

How might remembering persecuted Christians around the world impact your faith in Christ this week?