Manic Mondays

by | 04.24.2016

How can we deal with the Manic Mondays and struggles of everyday work?

A Good Witness

by | 04.10.2016 | Topics: ,

What is the difference between a good witness and a bad witness?

Living for Christ’s Return

by | 04.03.2016 | Topics:

What does it mean to live your life in light of Jesus’ promised return? And how does the Bible lay out a vision for a life that is deeply interconnected with the lives of others?

Do Not Be Afraid

by | 03.27.2016 | Topics: , , ,

What are you afraid of? We live lives that are weighed down and sometimes defined by fear. How does the resurrection alleviate our fears?

Sex and Servanthood

by | 03.20.2016 | Topics: , , , ,

What is your view of sex and sexuality? How does Jesus call us to view it? What does Palm Sunday have to do with sex?

The Killer Within

What is our reaction and response to anger? How do we deal with it and how does Jesus call us to deal with it?

Law and Life

by | 03.06.2016 | Topics: , , ,

How do you view the Bible? How did Jesus view the Bible?

Salt and Light

by | 02.28.2016 | Topics: , , , ,

Salt slows decay. Light chases away darkness.So what did Jesus mean when he called his followers, “salt and light”?

Blessed Revolution

by | 02.21.2016 | Topics: , ,

What if we have been living our whole lives upside down? In the Beatitudes, Jesus redefines for us the values of life that make us tick.

Following Jesus

by | 02.14.2016 | Topics: , , ,

What did it mean for the disciples to “follow Jesus”? What does it mean for us now?