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How do we look at our sin?

Why Do You Worry

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A message on the tragic events of last week, and a sermon on what Jesus promises related to our worries.

Your Treasures and Your Heart

by | 07.13.2016

To what does your money “flow” most easily and mindlessly?

The Lord’s Prayer

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What’s the hardest thing about prayer for you?


by | 06.15.2016

What learnings do we see in Matthew around hypocrisy?

Loving Your Enemies

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Why is it so hard to love our enemies? Did anyone come to mind as you were listening to the sermon?

Keeping Our Word

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In what situations or relationships do you have the hardest time keeping your word?

Divorce and Marriage

by | 05.25.2016

Sunday’s sermon on Divorce and Marriage from Matthew.

Blessedness: Deeper and Weaker

by | 05.17.2016

Blessedness: What can Matthew tell us about the depth of this?

A Prayer for Sanctification

God’s last words to his people are always words of grace. What were Paul’s last words to the church in Thessalonica? A prayer that these Christians brothers and sisters would be changed people, whole people, and secure people.