10-16-2016 – Matthew 13:31–35, 44–46 – “The Kingdom of Heaven”

by | 10.17.2016

1. Name 1–2 practical ways you can apply lessons about the kingdom as the tiniest “mustard seed” that grows into the largest of trees.
2. Have you experienced such joy in the Christian gospel that you are willing to give up everything to have it?

10-9-2016 One Body Many Parts – We Need You!

by | 10.11.2016

1) What types of gifts or people typically seem “unneeded” in the church? What makes you feel this way?
2) How can the church be different from the world in the way we value and depend upon all kinds of people and their gifts?

10-2-2016 One Body Many Parts – Unwrapping Your Gifts

by | 10.03.2016

1) What would it look like for you to be a better “steward” of your strengths

and abilities?

2) What are ways you think you might be “gifted” by Christ?

9-25-2016 One Body Many Parts – “Together in an Amazing Body”

by | 09.26.2016

1) What are some reasons you typically resist getting involved in a church?

2) Which of the three purposes/goals of the church is most attractive to you? Why?

09-18-2016 Mathew – Our Family

by | 09.19.2016

What has family meant to you?

What would change in your life if you really embraced the church as your family?

09-11-2016 Psalm 23 – Tired? (Chuck Garriott)

by | 09.12.2016

On a personal level how do you define (spiritual) rest?

Who in your life has influence you regarding your view and practice of rest?

09-04-2016 Matthew – The Gift (and Duty) of Rest

by | 09.06.2016

1) Is it a surprise to you to learn that God commands you to rest?
2) Name one way you would like to “observe the Sabbath” more effectively?

08-28-2016 Mathew – the Authority of Jesus

by | 08.29.2016

1. What would change in your life if you knew—truly knew—that you were for- given of all your self-centeredness and failures to love?
2. What if Jesus really was who he said he was—God, as well as Man?

8-21-2016 Matthew – Jesus Our Healer

by | 08.22.2016

What is one lesson from these healing stories that might impact how you re- late to (a) God and (b) your friends and neighbors in the coming week?

08-14-2016 Matthew – Doing

by | 08.16.2016

Which words of Jesus’ have you been failing to “put into practice”?