3-19-2017 The Life of David – To Build a House

by | 03.20.2017

1) Do you see God primarily as a “promising” God or a “commanding” God?
2) In what ways do God’s promises to David resonate with our deepest longings?

3-12-2017 The Life of David – Awe and Dancing

by | 03.13.2017

1) What’s your gut reaction to the idea of a “holy” God?
2) Name an experience or situation that’s most likely to cause you to dance spontaneously. How does it compare with your experience of God?

3-5-2017 The Life of David – Grief

by | 03.08.2017

1) What makes it hard for you personally to grief losses in your life?
2) How might David’s example help you face grief differently this week?

2-26-2017 The Life of David – The Rescuing King

by | 02.27.2017

1) How might this story of a rescuing, generous, judging King impact the way you approach the coming week?
2) Do you have questions or objections about the idea of God’s “judgment”?

2-20-2017 “What is Racism?” Lecture

by | 02.21.2017

What is the sin of racism? Is it simply an attitude of superiority toward those of another culture, or the use of derogatory “slurs,” or the segregation of public places based on race? Or something more? All too often, we talk about it, live with it, accuse others of it, or clear ourselves of culpability for it, without a strong understanding of what racism actually is (and isn’t). In this seminar, we will explore the meaning of racism according to scripture, distinguish various “types” of racism, and identify examples from daily life in our fallen world.

2-19-2017 The Life of David – Loving our Enemies

by | 02.20.2017

1) Think of someone who’s been treating you like an “enemy”? Why has it been so hard to love them?
2) Why should we love our enemies? How does this story teach us to handle opposition and the impulse to retaliate?

2-12-2017 The Life of David – Covenant Friendship

by | 02.13.2017

1) What’s your picture of the ideal friend?
2) How does the friendship of David and Jonathan compare with our common notions of “friendship”?

2-12-2017 Black History Month Testimony: Arielle Ford

by | 02.13.2017

image1Our church is observing Black History Month as one expression of our mission to grow as a cross-cultural community. And Black history includes the personal histories of our Black brothers and sisters, that is, their own stories of faith, identity, grief, and glory. On Sunday, February 12, our sister Arielle Ford was invited to share one such testimony during our worship service. This is a recording of her powerful words.

2-5-2017 The Life of David – The Violence of Envy

by | 02.06.2017

1) Where do you detect envy in your life today? If you can, name a specific person (or kind of person) you envy.
2) How does the self-giving friendship of Jesus begin to heal the envy of our hearts?

1-29-2017 The Life of David – The Giant Slayer

by | 01.30.2017

1) What are some fears you’re struggling with today? In what ways do you fail to be courageous?
2) How does knowing that Jesus slayed the ultimate “giant” begin to give you strength before your fears?