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What is the nature of temptation? How can looking at the temptation of Christ help us to resist temptation?

Solidarity with Sinners

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How does Jesus’ baptism indicate what kind of kingdom he was bringing? How does it show his solidarity with sinners?

The Story Behind the Story

What can we glean from a family tree of Jesus, the Messiah? How does God work in and through unlikely people?

Christ Our Lover

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There is no more life-changing belief a person can come into than to know that you are personally, passionately, really loved by God. This is where our hope for change comes from.

Better Salvation

What are the pitfalls of the Christian faith? How can spiritual disciplines help us avoid them?

Simeon’s Song: Comfort for All

“The ability to wait is the sign of a person who is not too easily satisfied.” Glenn Hoburg on why Simeon’s Song can still resonate today.

Zechariah’s Song

How is the advent of Christ good news for those suffering from all kinds of oppression?

Mary’s Song

What inspired Mary’s song? Divine Consideration and Divine Liberation.

Angel’s Song: My Glory and My Peace

How is the story of God’s redemption evident in the angels’ song at the birth of Christ?

There’s Too Much Pain in the World

How can a good God allow so much suffering in this world?