Who is God? The Sovereignty of God – Chuck Garriott

  1. If a loving God is truly sovereign, how can there be so much suffering in the world?
  2. Why should a Christian pray if God is sovereign?
  3. Do those who believe in the sovereignty of God think that  God is the author of sin?

Living As Citizens – Russ Whitfield 7-2-2017

by | 07.07.2017
  1. According to the apostle Paul, why is Christian unity so important?
  2. What life changes do you need to make today in order to live in a manner worthy of the gospel of Christ?


Who is God? Omniscient and Omnipresent 6-25-2017

by | 06.26.2017

1) In your own words, explain what the Bible teaches us about God’s “omniscience” (God knows everything) and “omnipresence” (God is everywhere).

2) How might you live differently in the coming week in light of these characteristics of God?

A Holy Church – Grace DC Network Combined Service 6-18-2017

by | 06.26.2017

Who is God? A God of Truth 6-11-2017

by | 06.15.2017
  1. God has given us truth through his word, which promises will you reflect on to set you free in your soul from the troubles of the world?
  2.  How will you move forward to trust in the God of truth for your life and future hope?

Who is God? A Knowable God 6-4-2017

by | 06.05.2017
  1. You can know God. What does this mean to you?
  2. What difference would it make to relate to God this week as a deeply relational, personal God?

5-28-2017 Financial Stewardship: Offerings & Tithes

1) Is the idea of giving money to God through the church new or different (or outrageous!) to you?

2) What’s one lesson or principle you can ponder further from today’s teaching about the relationship between the gospel and our money.

5-21-2017 Financial Stewardship: Generosity

1) How do you typically define “generosity”? How do you know if you’ve been “generous”?
2) What’s one point from this passage that might influence the way you live with generosity towards others in the coming week?

5-14-2017 – Financial Stewardship: Introductory Principles

1) Is it harder for you to believe in the goodness of money or the danger of money?
2) What’s one perspective on money or material possessions that you’d like to ponder further? How might it change the way you relate to your “stuff” this week?

5-7-2017 The Life of David – Last Words

by | 05.08.2017

1) Have you imagined what you hope your last words might be?
2) What’s one thing you learned from David’s last words that might impact your view of God or yourself in the coming week?