12-4-2016 Advent – A Son is Given – A Mediator is Born

– How does God’s solidarity with you shape you view of solidarity with others in this world?
– How might you serve as a better mediator where God had placed you?
– What could it look like for you to be more prophetic? Priestly? Kingly?

11-27-2016 Advent – A Son is Given – A King is Born

How does Christ’s reign give you hope to make His Kingdom a reality in your heart and in this city?
Our King came to serve, not to be served. How does this encourage you to submit your entire self to Him?

11-20-2016 Matthew – Resurrection Commission

by | 11.21.2016

1) What’s the biggest question or doubt you have about the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead?

2) What is one way you can help “make disciples” of Jesus?

11-13-2016 Matthew – The Cross of Jesus

by | 11.14.2016

Do you find it hard to believe that Jesus died for you on the cross? What type of hope does this bring for you?

Jesus was obedient unto death as he endured the cross. Name 1-2 ways that you can perceive wavering in your obedience to God this week. What are a 1-2 promises that you can rely upon that will help you endure in your faith?

11-06-2016 Matthew – Sheep Among Wolves

by | 11.07.2016

How might remembering persecuted Christians around the world impact your faith in Christ this week?

Fall Retreat – Sunday 10-30-2016 – The Third Story – The First and Second Stories Remixed

by | 11.01.2016

1. What are the memories to which Jesus is drawing your attention that he longs to heal?
2. Describe your experience of finding Jesus in the middle of your shame
3. What vocational domains do you sense God calling you into in the wake of his healing your shame?
4. Who will be your great cloud of witnesses who will join you both in the healing of your shame and the calling forth of fresh vocational visions?

Fall Retreat – Saturday Evening – 10-29-2016 – The Second Story

by | 11.01.2016

1. Where has shame touched your life? (Explicit events/people)
2. In what systems do you sense yourself feeling trapped in ways you wish were different? (family? Work? Church? School? Neighborhood?)
3. In what parts of your life do you long for healing?
4. Who are the people who are coming to find you in your isolation?

Fall Retreat – Saturday Morning – 10-29-2016 – The First Story

by | 11.01.2016

1. Where do you find joy in your life? (Name explicit events/experiences with real people)
2. Where do you long for joy where you do not experience it? (Name real experiences with real people)
3. What about this first conversation/talk spoke to you in a fresh way?
4. What about this talk evoked (if even in a small way) some feeling of distress or longing?

10-23-2016 Matthew – The Politics of Jesus

by | 10.24.2016

1) What’s your biggest question related to politics and the Christian faith?
2) How might the gospel of Jesus Christ impact the way you approach the upcoming election?

10-16-2016 – Matthew 13:31–35, 44–46 – “The Kingdom of Heaven”

by | 10.17.2016

1. Name 1–2 practical ways you can apply lessons about the kingdom as the tiniest “mustard seed” that grows into the largest of trees.
2. Have you experienced such joy in the Christian gospel that you are willing to give up everything to have it?