The Beginning of Sin: Alienation from Creation

Work is hard and often feels futile. Things don’t ever seem to go right. And natural disasters claim thousands of lives each year. How has sin alienated us from creation? Is there hope?

The Beginning of Sin: Alienation from One Another

How does our alienation from God and ourselves cause us to experience alienation from each other? Is there hope for broken relationships?

The Beginning of Sin: Alienation from Ourselves

What is the difference between guilt and shame? How does alienation from God cause us to become alienated from our very selves?

The Beginning of Sin: Alienated from God

Sin is a word that is often misunderstood. What is the essence of sin and it’s effects in the world? Is there a cure for it?


The Beginning of Marriage

Marriage is an invitation to a deep spiritual friendship, one that requires honesty and vulnerability. What is the purpose, priority, and power of marriage? What can it teach us about singleness?

The Beginning of our Relationship with God

These days, spirituality is in. Transcendence is in. Yoga and meditation are in. Finding your personal “spiritual path” is in. Finding “inner peace” are in. There’s a lot to be commended about some of these contemporary and popular notions of spirituality. But we should also notice that there are some real and important differences with a Biblical understanding of spirituality. We see a few of these in today’s passage. What is the “spirituality” for which we were created?

Genesis 2:4-17 »

The Beginning of Community

It is not good that people should be alone. We were created to be in community. We were made to need people. Nothing can take the place of what other human lives and relationships can bring us. What does it mean to have community, friendship, and intimacy?


The Beginning of Rest

God worked. Created in his image, we were made to work. God rested. Created in his image, we were made to rest. This simple truth has profound implications. Rest is required, not recommended. It is spiritual, not just physical. It’s active, not passive. It’s about others, not just you. This is what the book of Genesis teaches us about our need for Sabbath rest.

The Beginning of Work

Where did work come from? This passage tells us. From God. Not only did God create work, but in the beginning, God himself worked. What does this mean for us and our daily work? It means working with the knowledge that work is good, that work isn’t God, and that work is gospel mission.

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The Beginning of Humanity: The Cultural Mandate

What’s your job description? A pizza delivery boy humorously described his as follows: “I go to strange people’s houses and take their money.” Have you ever wondered what the job description for the human race is? God announces it—often called “the cultural mandate” shortly after creating the first people. Knowing God’s purposes for us gives us energy and vision for the way we live, work, volunteer, play, and love our neighbors.

Genesis 1:26-31 »

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