Money: Grace and Giving Part 1

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Here are six ways to understand the grace of giving generously. 

Hospitality: Making Room for Strangers

Hospitality is a popular thing these days. We are surrounded by messages and images about how to entertain well or how to throw the perfect dinner party. But what is the kind of hospitality that the Bible talks about? What does it mean to make room for outsiders?

Generosity of Heart

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What does it mean to have Generosity of Heart? How can we show generosity with our time, our ears, and our words?

The Absence of Belief

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What does it mean to practice unbelief in the presence of faith? What does it look like to acknowledge faith and trust in God, but to act without faith?

Generosity and Our Giving God

by | 04.12.2015

We tend to think of generosity in terms of financial offerings, but really it has a much wider definition and starts much deeper than merely being moved to charity.

Victory Over Death

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Imagine for a moment a life and a world free from the finality of death. What would it feel like? How might you behave differently? What would it look like–your life, relationships, work, the sidewalks, streets, and communities around us?

The Beginning of Sin: Alienation from Creation

Work is hard and often feels futile. Things don’t ever seem to go right. And natural disasters claim thousands of lives each year. How has sin alienated us from creation? Is there hope?

The Beginning of Sin: Alienation from One Another

How does our alienation from God and ourselves cause us to experience alienation from each other? Is there hope for broken relationships?

The Beginning of Sin: Alienation from Ourselves

What is the difference between guilt and shame? How does alienation from God cause us to become alienated from our very selves?

The Beginning of Sin: Alienated from God

Sin is a word that is often misunderstood. What is the essence of sin and it’s effects in the world? Is there a cure for it?