5-21-2017 Financial Stewardship: Generosity

1) How do you typically define “generosity”? How do you know if you’ve been “generous”?
2) What’s one point from this passage that might influence the way you live with generosity towards others in the coming week?

5-14-2017 – Financial Stewardship: Introductory Principles

1) Is it harder for you to believe in the goodness of money or the danger of money?
2) What’s one perspective on money or material possessions that you’d like to ponder further? How might it change the way you relate to your “stuff” this week?

5-7-2017 The Life of David – Last Words

by | 05.08.2017

1) Have you imagined what you hope your last words might be?
2) What’s one thing you learned from David’s last words that might impact your view of God or yourself in the coming week?

4-30-2017 The Life of David – Suffering Love

by | 05.01.2017

1) Have you recently loved someone who deeply hurt you? How does this story connect with your experience?
2) How does knowing Jesus sympathizes with our pain from broken relationships help us love in hard places?

4-23-2017 The Life of David – “You are the man!”

by | 04.24.2017

1) In your own words, what is “repentance”?
2) Do you struggle more with believing in your need for God’s forgiveness or believing that God forgives you?

4-16-2017 Easter Sunday – Hope

by | 04.17.2017

1) What is hope? What is the source of your hope?
2) What might living with the hope of Jesus’ resurrection look like for you in the coming week?

4-13-2017 Maundy Thursday – Russ Whitfield

4-9-2017 Palm Sunday – The Triumphal Entry

by | 04.10.2017

Do you seek the peace and prosperity of the city where God has placed you?
Do you also seek the welfare of those around you as you do for the city?
Can you identify the painful areas of your life where you feel defeated, and where you need Christ’s victory?
Are you willing to submit to Christ as king of your life and allow him to provide healing to the painful areas of your life?

4-2-2017 The Life of David – David the Sinner

by | 04.03.2017

1) How would you define “sin”?
2) What are ways you see yourself in David’s web of wrongs?

3-26-2017 The Life of David – Loyal Love

by | 04.03.2017

Scripture – 2 Samuel 9:1-13
(We apologize that there was a malfunction with the recording device and we were unable to record the sermon this week.

1) What’s one thing you heard in today’s sermon that struck you or resonated with you? That bothered or confused you?
2) What are some practical ways experiencing the “loyal love” (hesed) of God might impact your life and relationships in the coming week?