9-25-2016 One Body Many Parts – “Together in an Amazing Body”

by | 09.26.2016

1) What are some reasons you typically resist getting involved in a church?

2) Which of the three purposes/goals of the church is most attractive to you? Why?

09-18-2016 Mathew – Our Family

by | 09.19.2016

What has family meant to you?

What would change in your life if you really embraced the church as your family?

09-11-2016 Psalm 23 – Tired? (Chuck Garriott)

by | 09.12.2016

On a personal level how do you define (spiritual) rest?

Who in your life has influence you regarding your view and practice of rest?

09-04-2016 Matthew – The Gift (and Duty) of Rest

by | 09.06.2016

1) Is it a surprise to you to learn that God commands you to rest?
2) Name one way you would like to “observe the Sabbath” more effectively?

08-28-2016 Mathew – the Authority of Jesus

by | 08.29.2016

1. What would change in your life if you knew—truly knew—that you were for- given of all your self-centeredness and failures to love?
2. What if Jesus really was who he said he was—God, as well as Man?

8-21-2016 Matthew – Jesus Our Healer

by | 08.22.2016

What is one lesson from these healing stories that might impact how you re- late to (a) God and (b) your friends and neighbors in the coming week?

08-14-2016 Matthew – Doing

by | 08.16.2016

Which words of Jesus’ have you been failing to “put into practice”?

Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing

by | 08.08.2016

Matthew 7:13-20
Duke Kwon
What is a false prophet?

Parable of Mercy

by | 08.04.2016

What does this parable tell us?


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How do we look at our sin?