Advent – The Word Became Flesh: The Gift of the Lord’s Glorious Grace – Yancie 12-3-2017

John 1:1-18

What have you begin longing for during this Christmas season? What does Christ promise as a fulfillment to you immediately and ultimately?

When this time of the year becomes stressful and/or challenging, what will you use as a reminder of God’s gift of grace towards you?

Scripture’s denial that our best works are sufficient in themselves to please God or to compensate for our weaknesses makes our spiritual desperation more acute and, thus, our appreciation of grace becomes more emphatic.  Overwhelming gratitude for the spiritual deliverance our Savior alone provides will engender a humble and glad willingness to dedicate the strength of our lives to our Savior’s glory.

–Rev Dr. Bryan Chapell

But the blessing Christ promised, the blessing of great reward, is a reward of grace.  The blessing is promised even though it is not earned.  Augustine said it this way:  Our rewards in heaven are a result of God’s crowning His own gifts.

–R.C. Sproul