The Gospel According to Ruth: “He Has Not Left You Without” – 11-5-2017

Ruth 4:1-17

1) What’s one lesson from today’s passage that might impact how you see yourself, your neighbor, or your God in the coming week? How might it impact how you live (attitudes, actions)?
2) What’s one question (or objection) this passage raises for you?

We think of the spiritual meaning of “redeemer” but not the every day “redeeming” that is crying out all around us. Our lives should reflect the “redeeming” life of Jesus. If that were to happen, we would live not one life, but a thousand lives.
Paul Miller

Jesus [is] the man who is not just safe, but who is the embodiment of refuge, and salvation.
Rachael Starke

The violent winds of suffering and trouble blow us into the Lord’s protective hands.
Sadhu Sundar Singh