Got Questions about the Christian Faith?

While every part of our community is designed to be accessible to all people, regardless of spiritual background, this section (still under construction!) is specifically devoted to the questions, objections, and doubts of those looking into the Christian faith. Here you will find information about our Brewing Belief discussion group, recommended reading, and more. Please feel free to email us if there’s a specific question you’d like to ask or a specific type of resource you’re looking for!

Brewing Belief (discussion group)

7:30-9:00pm, every other Tuesday @ a local pub

Looking for honest dialogue about God and spirituality? Exploring the Christian faith? About 5-8 of us gather every other week at a local pub (e.g., Commonwealth, Wonderland, Tonic) to discuss matters of faith and doubt over a pint. This is a place you can gather with others on a similar spiritual journey to ask questions, raise objections, and process your thoughts out loud. For the date and location of the next Brewing Belief gathering, check the list of News & Events or email us here.

(A note to Christians: For the sake of creating the best possible environment (spiritually exploratory), please come only if you’re attending with a friend who is looking into Christianity, or if you yourself are struggling with significant questions/doubts. Feel free to speak with Duke if you’re unsure if this is the right place for you.)

Online Resources

Browse the “Discover” page of Redeemer Presbyterian Church (NY) — a partner ministry of ours that is similarly devoted to engaging in respectful, honest dialogue with those exploring the Christian faith. This site includes helpful videos and writings that examine questions about (and objections to) Jesus, Christianity, and faith in general, from the perspectives of both Christians and non-Christians.

Click here to enter Redeemer Presbyterian Church’s DISCOVER website.

Reading Resources

On a healthy approach to exploring Christianity:

On common questions about or objections to the Christian faith:

More coming soon!