Ministry Fair

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Throughout the fall we will be featuring “spotlights” during worship services on Sunday, these spotlights will provide […] Read more >

Summer Bible Club BBQ

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This Sunday after church we will celebrate the end of Summer Bible Club by hosting a BBQ […] Read more >

Be a part of our Community Assets Inventory!

We’ve been blessed by God…to BE a blessing to others. This is one of the big ideas found […] Read more >

Join Us: Prayer Night

The Prayer Team has organized a night for us to get together to pray for church, our […] Read more >

Help out: Neighborhood Easter Party!

Have you heard? We are planning a fun-filled neighborhood event at Girard Street Park on Saturday, April […] Read more >

Attend the Membership Seminar 4/5

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Are you curious to learn more about the church — our vision, ministry, and people? Starting to […] Read more >

“We’re All Needy (But Not With Equal Vulnerability)”

We are all needy. Some of us have needs that are more visible. We’re homeless, or jobless, […] Read more >

“The Wrecking Ball: No Condemnation”*

Jesus is a Wrecking Ball. He decimated the spiritual “barriers” that stand between us. Glorious devastation! Read more >


It means humbly recalling past exclusion. The kind you felt and the kind you dealt. The kind that’s “Me” and the kind that’s “We.” Read more >

“I Am a Group”*

Identity is individual and collective. God treats us as individuals and as groups. Both. Read more >