“I Am a Group”*

Identity is individual and collective. God treats us as individuals and as groups. Both. Read more >


Racial “dividing walls” are everywhere. They’re easier to spot, of course, when we look outside ourselves. Look at the city. Walls galore. Read more >


“Hostility.” Sounds harsh. Defensiveness rises. Are you calling me a racist? I get along with everyone…mostly. Read more >

Bible/Theology Classes in January!

“The End is Near”? Find Out! This January, you will have a chance to “dig deeper” into […] Read more >

New Year Vision/Prayer Brunch

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This Saturday’s brunch has been MOVED to Next Step Public Charter School, located at 3047 15th St […] Read more >

Attend the Membership Seminar!

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If you feel like Grace Meridian Hill is becoming your spiritual “home,” a community you’d like to […] Read more >

Register for the FALL RETREAT!

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We’re very excited to invite you to our upcoming  Grace Meridian Hill FALL RETREAT!!! This will be […] Read more >


After close to two years of searching, waiting, and praying for a new Sunday facility, dear friends, […] Read more >


Thanks for joining us at our 4th annual Neighborhood Easter Party! Enjoy these photos and videos from […] Read more >

Neighborhood Easter Party – This Sat!

We’re planning a fun-filled neighborhood event at Girard Street Playground on Saturday, March 30… our 4th annual […] Read more >