Cross-Cultural Community

Celebrating Black History Month: Fireside Chat with Carolyn Curtis on Friday, Feb 10th

Come enjoy an evening of dessert and dialogue at the home of Carolyn Curtis. As part of […] Read more >

Sunday Testimony: Rose Boomsma (2/12)

During our service on Sunday, February 12, Rose Boomsma will share a piece of her personal story […] Read more >

Sunday Testimony: Hlase Baloyi (2/26)

During our service on Sunday, February 26, Hlase Baloyi will share a piece of his personal story […] Read more >

The Shrine of the Sacred Heart

One of the most significant, historic, Christian ministries that serves the local Latino community is the Shrine […] Read more >

Oscar Romero: Martyr, Advocate for the Poor

Oscar Romero was the Roman Catholic Archbishop of San Salvador — best known as an advocate for  […] Read more >

2 Faces of the Latin American Church

Some helpful historical commentary on the mixed beginnings of the Christian church in Latin America, this is […] Read more >

Latinos in DC: Countries of Origin?

Have you ever wondered about our Latino neighbors’ countries of origin? In light of the intersection between […] Read more >

Roundtable: Cultural Identity (Wed!)

Growing as a cross-cultural community boils down to something simple: learning to love people. Which isn’t to say […] Read more >

“Yearning For Unity in Diversity”

Check out this very helpful article that briefly describes how one church, Faith Christian Fellowship, located in the Pen […] Read more >

Preaching in the Black Church, part 2

Part 2 of the topic of Preaching in the Black Church — also an excerpt from Dr. […] Read more >