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Food + People = Community Comidas!

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Come out for a casual dinner — COMMUNITY COMIDAS! — at the home of Andrew and Natalie […] Read more >

What You’re Thankful For

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Each Sunday during the God@Work segment of our worship service, we’ve been sharing about things we’re thankful for […] Read more >

Don’t Eat Turkey Alone!

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If you’re planning on being in town for Thanksgiving (Thurs, 11/24) and you don’t have any plans […] Read more >

Enjoy Music, Support Urban Youth!

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Grab a few friends and enjoy an evening of music together at this benefit concert! Be a […] Read more >

Love in Gesthemane

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How does Jesus’ agony in Gesthemane uniquely demonstrate his great love for us? We explored this question […] Read more >

Invest in our Neighborhood’s Youth!

Building relationships with local kids is one of the most rewarding ways to impact lives with the […] Read more >

Membership Seminar – Saturday!

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If you feel like Grace Meridian Hill is becoming your spiritual “home,” a community you’d like to […] Read more >

The Shrine of the Sacred Heart

One of the most significant, historic, Christian ministries that serves the local Latino community is the Shrine […] Read more >

Oscar Romero: Martyr, Advocate for the Poor

Oscar Romero was the Roman Catholic Archbishop of San Salvador — best known as an advocate for  […] Read more >

Christianity: A Failed Hope?

Skeptical about the relevance of the Christian faith? Has the church failed you in some way?  Have […] Read more >