Financial Giving Update

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At Grace Meridian Hill, we’re called to use the gifts God gives us to build up the body. One of the most helpful ways of building up our body is by offering our money. We now have easier, more accessible ways to give electronically than we ever had before. 

Electronic giving helps those of us who want to give but forget to bring a check on Sunday, or those of us who would rather set up automatic recurring giving, or for any number of reasons. You can give on our website, through, and you can now give quickly and easily through the Grace Meridian Hill App. 

Giving is now so accessible through our app that we encourage you to feel comfortable using the app during the offering on Sundays to connect your faith to the physical act of pressing “give” just like you would drop a check in the offering basket. 

We hope you’ll find these new tools beneficial to your own practice of giving. If you have any questions, please drop us a line. 

Download the iOS app here

Download the Android app here

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